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Do you wish to recycle? We have the solutions

Partnering with Ecotic, we provide solutions for you to be able to properly recycle the waste electrical and electronic equipment (DWEEE).

Please remember! The electrical equipment, discarded or non-operational, shall be delivered only to the personnel authorized to collect WEEE in order to be prepared for reuse or recycling.


Recycling as a natural person

Contact ECOTIC on 031.805.57.42/43 or logistica@ecotic.ro.

According to your status, pick one of the options below:

  1. ECOTIC collects your WEEEs within maximum 5 days provided their weight is of minimum 150 kg.
  2. You can handover the WEEE at the collection centres mentioned below, if you have the necessary means to transport the WEEEs to the respective centre. Please check the collection centre list: www.ecotic.ro

Please remember! Ecotic does not provide money in return for the collection of the waste for electrical and electronic equipment. The WEEE collection service in view of recycling is a free service. The costs related to the collection, transport and recycling are borne by Ecotic.


Recycling as legal person

Make a written request on logistica@ecotic.ro for the collection of WEEE, giving the following details: the estimated quantity of waste to be collected, the type of waste, the collection address, the contact person and the phone number.

Ecotic shall send an authorized collector to pick the waste from the location indicated by you, in maximum 5 working days from receiving the order. The collection shall be performed for FREE.

In order to make the action effective, there is a minimum quantity, calculated for each pickup operation separately, i.e. 150 kg for electrical equipment and 3 kg for batteries and portable battery packs waste. Ecotic will ensure that the collected WEEE are properly handled and recovered.

Caution! Toner cartridges are not considered WEEEs! They are hazardous waste and shall be delivered only to authorized economic operators that are authorised to collect them in order to be neutralized, or to the operators who have the authorizations for their refilling in order to be reused.


What are the benefits of recycling?  

  • a much cleaner environment for all of us.
  • the equipments reconditioned from WEEE flows shall be donated to poor communities.
  • Environmental pollution with greenhouse gases and heavy metal which are hazardous to the health can be avoided; approximately 70% of the toxic substances that end up in landfills (waste deposits) come from such equipments.
  • large quantities of secondary raw materials can be recovered, because the WEEE have a high degree of recycling-reuse (between 85 and 90%).

Source: www.ecotic.ro

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